Cat Beds

A cat bed is an ideal place for your feline friend to sleep and snooze. Available in five solid colors, a cat bed will enhance your cat’s home and is a great way to add personality to your home. Choose a round cat bed if your pet likes to burrow in blankets. Larger beds can accommodate two small cats or a single large cat. The beds come in vacuum packs that expand once you unbox them.

The Spaceship Alpha cat bed comes in walnut and oak veneers. The removable cushion and cover allow for custom height adjustments. It can support up to 33 pounds and is machine washable. The mattress is 14 inches in diameter and is machine washable. It comes in two sizes, a 26-inch and a 30-inch. For more space, try a 30-inch-diameter cat bed. It’s a great choice for cats who like to lounge around on a low surface and want to view the world from a higher perch.

The Feltcave cat bed has six-inch high walls that provide neck and head support. It’s also made of natural dyes so your feline friend won’t suffer from toxic chemical exposure. It is also machine washable. Be sure to rinse the cover and cushion before using it. The Feltcave cat bed comes in two sizes, a 26-inch and a 30-inch, so you can pick the perfect size for your cat.

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