Buying a Cat Bed

A cat bed is a great investment for any cat owner. You will be able to keep your feline friend cozy and comfortable all night long. A good cat bed will blend in with your home decor and match your pet’s personality. When buying a cat bed, it is important to choose the right size for your cat. Make sure to consider their age and any illnesses they might be suffering from. Then, purchase the most appropriate type of cat bed for your feline friend.

A simple cat bed with a low foam core is not recommended for senior cats. For those cats who require a firmer bed, there are a number of options. A PetFusion scratcher is a great choice because it doubles as a cat bed. It is made from recycled cardboard and non-toxic corn starch glue. This scratcher is also designed to last for years, making it the perfect choice for seniors who need extra support and comfort.

The basic Cat bed has a plush pad that offers 102 degrees of warmth to your cat without causing them to overheat. The pad can be removed and gently washed for easy clean-up. The pad is certified by MET Labs, a third-party testing organization, to ensure its safety. If you want to make the bed more durable, consider a heated cat bed. This type of bed is perfect for senior cats who require a little more support.

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